Advertise with us

Why Advertise?

Movie Theatre advertising is...

  • The most captive and cost-effective form of advertising anywhere
  • Unique as it reaches an attentive and receptive audience
  • No distractions such as telephones, remote controls or other activities
  • Next day recall is 68% higher than TV, radio and newspaper
  • Nearly 75% of all movie theatre audiences are between the age of 18 and 49 years- working and spending age group.
  • Average movie viewer arrive 15 minutes early (Best utilization of that free time)

The Average Movie viewer is :-

  • Educated
  • Employed full or part time
  • Have Internet access at home or work or both
  • Have a computer at home or accessible to a computer

Options of Advertisements with us:-

  • On screen advertisement through slides display or commercial shorts and films.
  • Lobby, wall, window & backlit display, signage and banners.
  • Weekend promotion and group events.
  • Product launch, product display and product sampling.
  • Compound wall, board and banner advertisement.
  • Customized LCD advertisement at strategic spots in the lobby and other locations.
  • Website Advertising

Group Events:

  • Open ground available for Group events such as: Wedding and parties